About Us

About Us

Hiren Bhatt and his team have extensive experience in changing the lives of people with accurate Vastu suggestions and astrological predictions. We empower businesses adopt the best possible Vastu techniques for their offices and factories to reach the highest levels of success. Many businesses have experienced immense growth after changing the Vastu of their commercial place. Hiren holds expertise in balancing the five Tattvas (Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Sky) of any building, office or home.

We Best Numerology expert also offer accurate astrological, numerological and graphological predictions after thorough analysis. Our predictions help people understand their life a lot better. We also provide guidance and remedies to overcome the challenges soon.

Astrological, Numerological and Graphological Predictions

If you are facing any difficulties in your life at present or if you are just confused about your life, then accurate astrological or numerological analysis will definitely help you find the right path.

Astrology helps you to know your life events better. Accurate astrological or numerological analysis works wonder when you want to know the right steps to take to get out of any problem. We the best astrologer in Gujarat can also predict some of your future challenges so that you are much more prepared to tackle them with ease.

Vastu Consultation

Get comprehensive Vastu analysis of your residential or commercial place from Hiren Bhatt, a renowned Vastu constant of India. We will review your place and suggest the changes that you can make to triumph over your problems. We can also suggest you chances for the Vastu of your place to increase your chances of attaining success.

Vastu is all about perfect balance between the 5 tattvas. We have the expertise to offer you practical solutions to balance the 5 elements. Almost every problem, be it related to your health, finances, relationships, or anything else can be solved if all the 5 elements are balanced perfectly.

Hiren Bhatt has guided many businesses with very useful graphological predictions. Graphology is the science of understanding an individual’s subconscious mind just with their handwriting. We can help businesses know more about their leaders via graphological predictions. Businesses can also use graphology to choose the best leaders for the growth of their business. With handwriting and signature assessment we can tell you a lot about the true and authentic personality of an individual.

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