Graphology: Art of determining the personality of a person via Handwriting and Signature!

Graphology is all about analyzing someone’s handwriting to know about their behaviour and personality. Hiren Bhatt, Best Numerologist in India has expertise in analyzing handwriting and signature of individuals. He has helped several companies with very useful graphological predictions about their current and probable leadership candidates. Businesses can eventually make wiser decisions about their leadership team if they know the personality traits of their future or present leaders.

Hiren and his team of experts specialize in understanding a person’s subconscious mind just by analyzing their signature and handwriting. Graphology enables businesses know about the real nature of their existing or future top leaders. Companies can make intelligent recruitment decisions with graphology.

Handwriting and signature analysis are useful ways of determining someone’s personality and behaviour. Therefore, many companies are started showing interest in using graphology for recruitment purposes. However, graphology can also be used for other purposes, including better career planning.



Subconscious Mind

Unconscious Mind

Characteristics in signature determining the personality

1. Slant

A slant is considered an important indicator for making predictions. Handwriting analysts will determine a left, right or a mixed slant in the handwriting.

2. Line Quality

Many handwriting experts study the line quality to know about the person. For example, a person with a shaky line might have a different personality than someone with a relatively smoother line.

3. Size

The size of the letters has a lot to say about the person as well. For example, a person with large-sized handwriting might be an extrovert, whereas someone with a small-sized handwriting might be a complete opposite.

4. Pressure

We also analyze the pressure of the handwriting to know about the person. We determine the magnitude of the pressure to make predictions about the person’s personality.

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